Data Protection Risk

For traditional local backup, it faces the challenge of recovering from data corruption caused by bad data deletion, hard disk failure, virus attack, and file system corruption. It also requires a long recovery time and greatly affects the normal operation of the enterprise.

Data Protection Solution



  • Enterprise Local Backup

When using a data volume for temporary data backup, setting up quick snapshots for local backups will minimize data recovery time. The well-configured local backup solution can resolve hard drive failures, virus attacks, and file system crashes in a short time and brings the service back online immediately.


  • Enterprise Remote Replication

The remote site backup solution is ideal for data volumes that contain essential data such as contract records, purchase orders. These data volumes store in online database storage which does not accept any downtime.
By installing remote replication, it can bypass unknown interruptions and data loss due to disasters. Data security can also improve by using remote backup data volumes as a temporary service or as a direct replacement.


The Highly Available Solution Advantages


  • Built-in storage array
  • No performance impact
  • Multipath and failover
  • No extra software fee or installation
  • Support 3rd party backup
  • Fast rollback when virus attacks or accident deletes
  • Reduce the risks of hard drive failure
  • Protect data against disasters
  • Increase application availability
  • Automatically schedule data backup
  • Traffic shaping feature to avoid traffic congestion
  • Flexible configurations for different storage plans.


Infrastructure services

Our Managed Infrastructure services include:

Managed Linux Servers, L2 VPN, Firewall, Router & Switches and Load Balancer. Our solutions offer 100% reliable systems performance despite sudden performance or demand increases.


“Professional Systems Management for Perfect Business Performance”